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Help your operation grow and employees fast track their careers with our courses in engineering.

Is it truly possible to measure the extensive benefits of having a certified welder on site, on hand, and ready to grow your business? Including welding, logistics, manufacturing and more, we offer a range of engineering courses to help employees uplift themselves and enhance your operation. All our courses are certified with the correct corresponding SETA.

Prisma is ideally positioned to respond to your training needs anywhere within Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.

Our full range of engineering courses are detailed below. Contact us for more information.

    Short Courses SAQA Duration
    Direct the operation of an overhead crane 253595 3 days
    Move equipment by means of an electric winch 256776 2 days



    Skills Programmes Duration
    Introduction to Manufacturing Environment 7 days
    Basic Welding & Tools 7 days
    Assistant Arc Welder 18 days
    Assistant Welder 23 days
    Basic Arc & Gas Welder 21 days
    Basic Gas Metal Arc Welding 17 days
    Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welding 14 days
    Basic Welder 10 days
    Carbon Steel Arc & Gas Welding Operator 9 days
    Carbon Steel Welder 2 23 days
    Understanding Of Quality Indicators In Manufacturing 5 days
    Work In A Team 5 days
    Logistics And Planning Phase 7 days
    Production Coordinating Skills 10 days

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