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Help your employees build a career in metallurgy with a full qualification in mineral processing:

Prisma is a leader in professional training, and a fully MQA accredited specialist training service provider to the mining sector.

We offer a range of metallurgy courses. The 3 courses in mineral processing will give your employee an NQF Level 4 qualification. Other popular courses include crushing, thickening of a slurry, water reticulation and handling of chemicals.

Our full range of Underground Mining courses are detailed below. Contact us for more information.

Mineral processing courses 

Prisma qualifications have numerous areas of specialization which apply to the different mineral commodities in South Africa such as gold, uranium, platinum, base metals, and lump ore beneficiation (diamonds, coal, and iron ore). Metallurgical skills are listed as a scarce skill, and a career in this field is dynamic and exciting as each mineral processing plant is unique.

    QUALIFICATION Courses MQA ID Duration
    National Certificate in Mineral Processing – NQF 2 59305 12 Months
    National Certificate in Mineral Processing – NQF 3 62769 12 Months
    FET Certificate in Mineral Processing – NQF 4 64889 12 Months


    Crushing – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0088/09
    Crushing and Screening – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0150/13
    Ore Reception – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0029/09
    Dense Medium Separation – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0107/09
    Scrubbing and Screening – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0089/09
    Milling of Material – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0052/09
    Flotation – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0072/09
    Thickening of a Slurry – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0109/09
    Adsorption onto Activated Carbon – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0110/09
    Gold Elution and Carbon Regeneration – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0092/09
    Electro-Winning – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0091/09
    Solvent Extraction – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0014/09
    Handling of Chemicals – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0011/09
    Water Reticulation – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0090/09
    Slimes Reclamation – NQF 2 MQA/SP/0053/09


    Introduction to Metallurgy 252318
    Conveyors 252324
    Crushers 253339
    Screening 253315
    Classification 252284
    Milling 256662
    DMS 254414
    Thickeners 252282
    Plant waste management 243650
    Elution training 256670
    Leach and adsorption 256664/256676
    Cyanide Competence 252337
    Flotation 256661
    Plant Safety, Health and environment 116520/115101
    Plant tools and equipment Generic to all
    Organic reagents 252286
    Pumps 252295


    Sampling and Evaluation
    Metallurgical Accounting
    Process Control and Optimization
    Basic Instrumentation
    Plant troubleshooting
    Advanced Mineral Processing

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