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Increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees with a dynamic, hands-on courses in open cast mining:

Prisma is a leader in professional training, and a fully MQA accredited specialist training service provider to the mining sector.

We offer a range of opencast mining training courses from full qualifications such as the National Certificate in Rock Breaking, through to skills programmes in blasting, competent person and Occupational Health and Safety, among many more.

Prisma is ideally positioned to respond to your training needs anywhere within Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.

Our full range of Opencast Mining courses are detailed below. Contact us for more information.

Opencast mining courses 

This form of mining differs from extractive methods that require tunnelling into the earth, such as longwall mining. Open-pit, open-cast, or open cut mining is a surface mining technique of extracting rock or minerals from the earth by their removal from an open pit or borrow.

    Further Education and Training Certificate: Mining Operations 74490 4
    National Certficate: Rockbreaking Surface Excavations 62869 3


    Blasting Assistant in Surface Mines and Quarries SP/CLA-G017
    Competent Person A – The Examination; Making Safe and Declaring Safe of Surface Mines;
    Quarries; Dumps and Stockpiles
    The Control of Explosives Magazines on Surface Mines and Quarries SP/CLA-G018
    Competent Person B: The Installation; Maintenance and Removal of Support Units in
    Surface Mines and Quarries
    Operating Mobile Equipment for Surface Excavation Operations MQA/SP/0119/09
    Occupational Health and Safety Activities for: Part Time/Workplace Representatives and Shop Stewards in the Mining and Minerals – (SHE Rep) MQA/SP/0120/10
    The Handling of Explosives in Mines MQA/SP/0124/10


    Design blasts for surface excavations 257075 4
    Receive orders and despatch products 110143 3
    Collect; store and issue explosives from a surface magazine 110218 3
    Co-ordinate Drilling and Blasting operations 115615 3
    Time; connect and initiate blast of a face 244457 3
    Carry out a secondary breaking using explosives and accessories at a workplace 257037 3
    Co-ordinate drilling and blasting operations 257023 3
    Prepare and mark off work area for drilling 257059 3
    Blast materials in surface excavations 257039 3
    Remove hazardous ground by means of blasting 257056 3
    Handle explosives in a surface mining environment 115514 2
    Support the blasting operations 252754 2
    Break big rocks by means of blasting 244487 2
    Mark shot holes for secondary blasting 244479 2
    Break big rocks using a secondary breaker 244387 2
    Receive; handle; store and issue explosives and accessories at a workplace 244378 2
    Bar and break big rocks using a mobile scaler 244414 2
    Break big rock by means of drilling and blasting using a secondary breaker 244369 2
    Charge shot holes with propellant based cartridges and accessories 244401 2
    Demonstrate a basic understanding of explosives and accessories 257036 2
    Identify and demarcate misfires in a surface excavation 257055 2
    Make up primer and charge holes 257022 2
    Time and connect initiating blast systems 257058 2
    Assist blasting operations 257030 2
    De-water blast holes using vehicle mounted de-watering pump 257040 2


    MACHINERY Courses SAQA NQF Level
    Load material using a face shovel 257032 3
    Relocate material using a dragline 256996 3
    Drill blast holes in a surface mining operation 257026 3
    Excavate and load material using hydraulic excavator 257076 3
    Grade material using a motor grader 257115 3
    Operate tractor loader backhoe 257028 3
    Operate an articulated dump truck 262745 2
    Relocate machines and equipment using a lowbed 257018 2
    Suppress dust using a water bowser 257060 2
    Transport and distribute explosives by means of a light duty explosives vehicle 257015 2
    Transport and distribute explosives using a heavy duty explosives vehicle 257017 2
    Transport and distribute fuel using a fuel bowser 257135 2
    Transport material and equipment using a flat back truck 257020 2
    Transport personnel; material and equipment using Light Delivery Vehicle 257025 2
    Use a track dozer to move material 257038 2
    Load; transport and place explosives components into blast holes using a mixer-placer truck 257019 2
    Move trailing cable using cable reeler 256995 2
    Load, haul and dump material using a scraper 257035 2
    Load and offl oad material using a skid steer loader 257034 2
    Load; Haul and Dump material using a front end loader 257031 2
    Illuminate an area using a lighting plant 257077 2
    Deliver compressed air using a mobile electrical compressor 256998 2
    Doze material using a rubber wheel dozer 257021 2
    Haul and dump material using a haul truck 257024 2
    Break rock using a hydraulic rock breaker 256997 2
    Operate a skid steer loader 116210 2
    Lift and move material and equipment by means of a forklift 244365 2
    Remove broken rock by means of a scraper winch in an underground workplace 244360 2
    Operate a mixer-placer explosives truck 230018 2

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