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How is technology changing the training landscape in SA

By 27 March 2018May 18th, 2021Uncategorised

Technology has changed our lives in a million different ways. Modern technologies have increased our capacity to know and do things and to communicate and collaborate with others. The presence of internet itself has revolutionized the process through we access and disseminate information and training is becoming one of the biggest benefciaries of this
revolution. From tablets, educational apps to online courses, technology has changed the face of the training sector.

Technology has removed the location barrier to learning with students now able to access their learning material from the comfort of their home and this is especially important in the South African context with 35% of the population still living in rural areas. Internationally, interactive textbooks are supplementing e-learning with web-based sites that include assessments, animations, videos and other material that supplement and enhance the learning experience. Technology has transformed traditional learning methodologies by making it more engaging, fun and entertaining to learn new content. Video conferencing applications like Skype are also allowing educators the ability to stay in constant contact with their learners.

“Having access to technology means training providers can now reach learners that previously slipped through the cracks because they live in remote areas. Upskilling
learners in rural areas is crucial as training leads to job creation which will ultimately lead to a healthier economy in South Africa.” Braam Fourie says. Technology in the training sector has created an inclusive culture of learning by creating customised training material for people living with disabilities. A number of mobile applications are in the market that seek to aid these students into the mainstream by facilitating and enabling them with digital educational aids.

Fourie says, “Training Providers in South Africa still have some catching up to do when it comes to fully utilising technology in the training space. However, training with technology is one of the biggest trends in the industry at the moment and at Prisma Training Solutions we’re always looking at ways of making training more accessible and more convenient for the learner.


The annual Investing in African Mining Indaba is an integral event for companies active in the mining industry, like Prisma Training Solutions, as it enables the industry to network and keep abreast of new trends.

This year’s Mining Indaba was once again a huge success and the perfect hunting ground for investors. According to the SABC up to 70% of this year’s registrations were investors. It’s no big secret that the South African mining industry is dependent on international investors to complete mining projects. This is positive news for South Africa’s economic development because the mining industry is central to our economy, supporting 460 000 jobs directly and another 1.4 indirectly. According to Minister of Resources Mosebenzi Zwane, over the course of 150 years, the mining industry has grown to contribute about eight percent directly to South Africa’s GDP with an estimated U.S.$2.5 trillion to U.S.$3 trillion in non-energy mineral reserves still in-situ.

During the keynote speech by Minister Zwane, there was a clear emphasis on supporting small and medium mining companies to increase job opportunities in the mining sector
which will result in the growth of the industry. However, mining companies will also need skilled employees if they want to compete and be successful. With the current skills shortage in South Africa, this could prove to be a barrier to growth. One of the most effective ways to address this skills shortage is through MQA accredited training.

Minister Zwane further explained that government believed that most job opportunities lay with small to medium companies, hence in 2017, the focus would be on the Promotion of Investment, with a special focus on junior miners.

“In our efforts to support investment in mining and beneficiation, we have a particular focus on the growth and promotion of small and medium sized enterprises. We are of the form view that a new era of junior to mid-tier sized mines is upon us,” he said. Prisma Training Solutions is perfectly equipped to facilitate these job opportunities, address the skills shortage in South Africa and grow the mining industry through our MQA accredited training programmes. Our training programmes are designed to increase the productivity and effciency of mines whilst maintaining best practice standards to ensure the safety of miners.

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